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Brand storytelling & captivating content

Friday I attended the Mobile World Centre of Barcelona (@MW_Centre) at a session of the last day of Social Media Week, dedicated to Marketing & Advertising: Brand Storytelling and Captivating Content - With a Social Data Twist, by Jemima Garthwaite (@_jemima) and Tom Szekeres (@tomszekeres), of This Here (@thishere).

“We all know that ‘content is king’, but how can we consistently lighting up Social Streams in the right way? Starting from branding and storytelling from a social perspective, This Here took us through the highlights (and lowlights) of social content marketing, and showed us a clever way of using the open graph to inform our conversation calendar” (#SMWBCN).

Jemima and Tom offered his view of the use of open data when building brand storytelling with some interesting ideas:

  • SM generates these feelings of empathy, generosity and trust. The first concepts for having ideas.
  • SM is an addiction and keeps people coming back, and back, and back…
  • Brands are now publishers. More than a simple brand, they will be a media brand.
  • Red Bull and Nike like examples about content creation and experience management.
  • SM generates oxytocin, and oxytocin generates empathy feelings, trusts and generosity.
  • But telling stories is difficult, so the most important thing is to be authentic and interesting.
  • To be authentic, don’t think only about the top of the iceberg, let’s go deeper!
  • It’s important to work on how you behave. You have to maintain the way you behave and the way you speak in every action you do.
  • After defining your behavior, you have to think about visual language. It’s important to be recognized immediately.
  • Be recognizable. Be realistic. Be practical.
  • In relation with SM, everything is changing every day. So the greatest thing is that there is always something new.
  • About being authentic and interesting, they encourages talking about topics if they have right, commitment or passion for doing it.
  • Some recommendations about tools: using Facebook Graph Search and working an interest and topic mapping.
  • Audience + Interest + Story + Format = IDEA.

It has been an exciting week. If you want to see the top headlines from #SMWBCN, please click here.

Photo of Vincenzo Rigogliuso (@VincenzoRig), #SMWBCN photograph contributor.

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